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The most powerful infrastructure for entrepreneurs and inventors

Our Vision

At Hi2, we want to empower Dubai as the entrepreneurial capital of the MENA region by helping entrepreneurs start a business with strategy establishment and tangible growth.

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Our Mission

Foster locally driven businesses run by Emirati entrepreneurs, by working with committed entrepreneurs on testing the viability of their business idea, in order to actualize it, and providing them with a space and on-going support to sustain their growth.

Our Services


Our incubation process is designed for business execution. It is engineered to drive the entrepreneur towards implementing his/her business plan.

We help you first test your business idea with real customers, suppliers, and stakeholders, refine the value proposition, price, and costs, and then scale it up. We emphasize execution, ensuring that you establish the right milestones for your business. As a resident or virtual incubate, you will have continuous access to intellectual support from advisors and mentors. We welcome everybody to HI2 to assess and participate in our incubation process. At HI2, building a business is an outcome of your aspirations.

Seed Capital

HI2 works closely with Mohamed Bin Rashid Fund (MBRF) to enable entrepreneurs access early-stage seed capital. Seed capital is an early-stage funding program that enables entrepreneurs to test and validate their business idea in the market, before scaling up the business.
The combination of incubation alongside seed capital creates a powerful foundation for you to actualize your business vision. MBRF has criteria for seed funding and to access seed funds entrepreneurs must meet MBRF eligibility criteria.


Hi2 provide hands-on business advisory services tailored to meet the unique and evolving needs of early stage companies with a network of in-house advisors, mentors and service providers. We work closely with clients to identify their struggles and set the required steps to overcome them, and determine the sequence of strategic and tactical actions necessary for sustained competitiveness and business growth.


Hi2 provide counseling that aims to help clients make better choices, Hi2 teamwork with entrepreneur in solving problems and issues, assist entrepreneur in finding alternative for himself and in process, empower him.

Invention Lab

Hi2 supports all inventors with the help of top mentors and advisors, specialized in different fields, in developing, testing and building their inventions. We offer mentorship sessions and workshops related to the invention itself along with research tools, and experts opinions to help inventors build their prototypes, and take their inventions to a whole new level.

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