Arkan Agricultural Research and Studies Est.

Specialized in Agricultural Research, Development, and Innovation

About Arkan Agricultural Research and Studies Est.

Arkan Agricultural Research and Studies Est. is one of the professional institutions working in the field of agricultural research, development and innovation incubated in Hamdan Innovation Incubator part of Mohammed Bin Rashid Est. for SME Development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates since 2019.

Providing our innovative professional services to support the productive and Landscaping agricultural sector in the UAE and the GCC to overcome the challenges of agriculture, innovate agricultural inputs and technologies appropriate to local conditions and transfer best practices and international experiences and develop them to suit the requirements of the agricultural sector in the future.

Arkan Agriculture Research and Studies Est. provides its services in strategic partnership with research agencies, innovation centres and governmental and private academic bodies from different countries of the world to ensure the quality of services provided to its distinguished customers.

The most important programs we are presenting in the current period are agricultural research and development driven by innovation and the transfer of international technology appropriate to local agricultural production. In addition to inovating environmentally friendly agricultural inputs by using local resources and utilizing agricultural outputs to reduce waste and increase added value.

We pay great attention in providing the agricultural sector with agricultural solutions and practices that produce healthy products with high nutritional value and unique quality by using organic, biological and mechanical agricultural inputs that reduce or limit dependence on chemical inputs.