The Online Coffee Marketplace

About COFE App

COFE App is a mobile application acts as an online coffee marketplace giving coffee lovers access to coffee chain houses as well as specialty coffee roasters. COFE App was created to bring innovation to people’s daily coffee rituals. COFE App brings together tradition and technology. In a region where coffee is more than just a beverage, COFE is at the very heart of its conversations. As a lifestyle app, COFE calls for innovation in how people access this much-loved beverage. Created by a team of COFE fueled tech engineers from around the world, COFE App offers its consumers an immersive user experience. An app that makes the COFE ordering easy, efficient and engaging.

This App offers concierge services that enable customers to customize, order and pay for their coffee online, which can then be collected at the counter, office, car, hospital, airport departure gates. The App serves all kinds of coffee needs from ready-to-drink beverages, machines and beans.


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