Heart Masters

Heart Masters is a training and consultancy foundation.

About Heart Masters

Heart Masters is a training and consultancy foundation established in 2016 in response to a
recognized hunger in the field of positivity and emotional intelligence, and a nationwide need
to enrich society with balanced individuals.
Heart Masters aims to embed positivity into the fabric of society by spreading awareness
and knowledge on the principles and secrets of happy and balanced life. Heart Masters
believes in the significance of positivity as a concept and science in enriching, influencing,
and amending all areas that surround individuals in their personal lives and touch
organizations in their dealings with employees.
Today, Heart Masters advances important fields in education by combining academics,
social, and emotional learning.
Our Vision
To be one of the best accredited and inspiring training institutions in building people in the
Middle East.

Our Mission
To design and deliver highly influential training programs with a wide range of consultancy
and coaching services that contributes in unleashing human potential, raising wellbeing and
outstanding performance for organizations and individuals.

Our Values
Integrity & Ethics
Quality and Excellence
Continuous Development
Love & Tolerance



Mona Kazim-CEO and Cofounder

Hanan Al Sammak- VP and Cofounder