Posted on November 24th, 2016

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Hamdan Innovation Incubator at Comic Con

As you all know, Middle East Film and Comic Con took place in Dubai on the weekend of April 9th, 2015. Hamdan Innovation Incubator were exhibiting in the event and had some interesting topics to discuss with us. Senior Manager Yousef Lootah talked about the creative and innovative community of the UAE and this is what he had to say:

What do you think of Comic Con in general?

It’s an exciting event and has been expanding greatly over the past couple of years. As representatives of Hamdan Innovation Incubator, it is a great opportunity for us to be here to discover the talents of people all around, especially for locals and GCC citizens.

What did Hamdan Innovation Incubator present in this event? 

We focused on presenting our fun and interactive side to attract the creatives of our community. We had several activities in our stand. This included a drawing corner and 3D printing corner. Anyone who has a concept or idea they want to design, can come to our stand and sketch it, then have it 3D printed.

We also ran a competition where you can come draw at our stand, then take a picture and tag us on instagram. The prize was Samsung A5 and the entrants were very talented and creative with their ideas.

What do you think of the audience at Comic Con? 

It was very unexpected. The first day was fine as there wasn’t much of a crowd. But the second day and third day we were flooded with many talented and interested attendees. We were pleased to see that people were interested to learn about Hamdan Innovation Incubator and were keen to join us. We had all sorts of activities and a great team to trigger their interests.

Do the creatives of UAE fit with Hamdan Innovation Incubator? 

We need to consider their skills and passion of becoming successful entrepreneurs. They do have the skills, but sometimes a creative person needs the proper guidance to make a successful venture. We will look at the bigger picture and find proper opportunity. This is what Hamdan Innovation Incubator will do. We will be there in all stages of the company with our 3 year program.

We are not only targeting the creatives, but the community as a whole. Nest year we will be having more activities, not only for creatives, but for all sectors.

We are here to open minds.