Adeeb Sulaiman Alblooshi

Youngest Emirati inventor

About Adeeb Sulaiman Alblooshi


Born on the 4th of January, 2004, Adeeb Sulaiman Alblooshi is the youngest Emirati child inventor and innovator. Nicknamed ‘the little scientists’, Adeeb’s genius started emerging at a very young age. He would recreate the facades of neighboring buildings using toy building bricks.

He would also resort to drawing and scribbling on his house walls whenever his limited vocabulary would fail him. His composure was noted early on by his school instructor, who would describe him as a highly empathetic. He’s received a number of titles, such as:
1. He was awarded the title of ‘the young Emirati scientist’ in the UAE
2. He was awarded the title of ‘world genius’ in the United States. His name was also included in the list of 8 child geniuses that are expected to revolutionize the medical field.
3. He was awarded the title of ‘the Arab Genius’ by South Korea.

Adeeb is the youngest executive officer of any company that has been incubated at the Hamdan Innovation Incubator