Certified Incubators

Dubai SME has launched the regulation for starting a Business incubator & Accelerator in Dubai. these regulations were introduced to ensure necessary guidance & mentoring support to SME’s & Streamline the functioning of Business incubators & Accelerators.


The regulations are the first step towards establishing the Dubai Business Incubator Network ( DBIN), which will act as resources to help, encourage & deliver best practices for the business incubator program in the UAE.


We appreciate your interest in becoming one of Dubai SME certified Incubator


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Certified Incubator List



Re-Urban Studio is a comprehensive platform for creatives, designers, and entrepreneurs. It offers business development programs in addition to providing a membership-based working space for professionals in various creative fields. The studio also offers workshops, training courses, and guidance programs to support startups in a wide range of creative fields, especially in the commercial aspect of their businesses, by providing a working environment and state-of-the art offices. The initiative links entrepreneurs with independent creatives. Attached is a profile and a press release about the launch of business incubators which includes an introduction listing the features of the license.

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The Co-Dubai


The Co-Dubai  is a comprehensive business incubator for entrepreneurs. It offers business development programs and membership-based working spaces for entrepreneurs who want to launch creative businesses. It also provides closed working spaces dedicated to startups, which can enroll in the incubator’s development programs to learn how to enhance their businesses. The center also offers workshops, training courses, and guidance programs to support creative business startups, especially with commercial areas. In addition, it offers guidance and advice through consultants and experts in different fields to help entrepreneurs in understanding and overcoming challenges.

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Kind - Astrolabs



Kind – Astrolabs is a Certified Business Incubator by Dubai SME. It is also a digital training center and a business incubator for digital technology companies in Dubai.
 Kind offers a number of services for junior entrepreneurs to establish and develop business in the information technology sector. Astrolabs Academy which is a pioneer in the field of specialized training for basic skills in the digital industry offers training courses such as digital marketing, programming, data science (Big Data), program design and business development. The Academy organizes courses open to the public in addition to programs designed specifically for its partners from
large companies, accelerators and other business incubators in Dubai and the region.

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The Higher College of Technology-Dubai Men’s Campus

His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation witnesses signing of  MOU  between The Higher Colleges of Technology and Dubai SME, which aims to establish a new business incubator within the Dubai College for Students to prepare students as entrepreneurs.
This agreement will support new entrepreneurs from students who have ambitious ideas and a good economic understanding of the project by providing them with a convenient work environment during the first years of their project. This will help increase the chances of its success by completing the administrative and technical aspects of the project.
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Forward is an Integrated Business Incubator for entrepreneurs,  as it provides programs to help develop and grow businesses and provide workspace based on a membership system for entrepreneurs who want to establish their various creative businesses, plus closed and dedicated workspaces for startups to develop their business projects by joining one of the incubator’s development programs .
The incubator offers workshops, training courses and development programs to support beginners in the field of innovative business, especially in the commercial aspect of their work.

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Bidayat - Business incuabtor

Bidayat is a Business Incubator that’s provides a smart ecosystem for creative entrepreneurs who believe in making cities more suitable and sustainable to live in. The entrepreneurs and startups will obtain experiences and opportunities to communicate , get acquainted with the entities that contributed to achieving the sustainable city vision, starting  their ideas from “Bidayat”,  work to achieve their goals to reach the success that they aspire to .
Bidayat will provide support services to startups by organizing training sessions for them and providing opportunities to meet with business experts in all fields to gain experience. Moreover, the incubator provides opportunities to conduct research and experiments for ideas before applying them , to ensure their effectiveness and success. It will also hold private meetings and events  for networking to encourage communication between its members with experts, companies, and facilitate the exchange of information, in order to help the entrepreneur’s  projects succeed.


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Business Incubator - Gems Modern Academy Schools

 GEMS Modern Academy School was the first Certified Business Incubator in schools to support innovative ideas of students. This incubator was launched to enhance the concept of entrepreneurship among school students.
Students will also have mentors to direct them with the optimal ways to turn their ideas into reality. To ensure the success of this incubator, partnerships will be established with the local community to help students finance and market their projects. The business incubator will provide space for students’ innovative laboratories, as well as provide mentoring services.
Schools will present challenges at both school and community levels among students, and motivate them to find innovative solutions to address these problems. Moreover, the schools will implement a number of competitions throughout the year, to select the best projects, and then nominate them to participate later in the biggest event, which is the “Young
Entrepreneurs competition”

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