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Hi2 provides number of developmental support services to help entrepreneurs developing their ideas ,inventions through the strategic partners of HI2. The partners provide a number of services to suit the requirements of entrepreneurs, covering a wide range of sectors.
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Intellectual Properties

United Trademark and Patent Services [UTPS]

United Trademark and Patent Services [UTPS]
is a leading firm of intellectual property consultants specializing in trademark, patent, copyright and industrial design protection throughout the world.

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Alama Intellectual Property

ALAMA Intellectual Property is a local company specialized in intellectual property rights and has expertise to help entrepreneurs in the process of registration of trademarks, patents, copyrights.

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Information Technology

EOV Technology Innovation

EOV is a local information technology company specialized in the field of developing smart applications and electronic services, IT solution, Software and Hardware.

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High Quality Production

High Quality Production is a fully integrated media agency that delivers fresh and creative videos, corporate communications, and digital media services, led by experienced professionals with backgrounds in TV, media, finance and communications.

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Legal Advice

Mohamed Ali Alhammadi Law Firm

Mohamed Ali Alhammadi Law Firm specializes in providing legal advice and litigation with hers legal competencies and experienced to provide all legal advice to entrepreneurs in a high degree of craftsmanship and proficiency

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Makerspace - Prototyping

OriginBase Products Design LLC

Originbase is a local company provides technical and consultancy services in commodity design , implementation of prototypes.

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Robotics- AI


RoboHiTec is a leader in the field of advanced robotics. With many years of experience and a pool of highly skilled engineers, programmers and robotics experts RoboHiTec could take on any project.

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